Two presentations today!
                Kathleen Beaton
Introduces the 2016 Environmental Month!
                Curtis Dunsdon
Introduces himself as a
new member!
Environmental Committee Presentation
    Kathleen Beaton   Laureen McCleery   Steve Totzke
Now preparing for the upcoming Earth Month Challenge to encourage learning about the environment.
Why participate?
 -to become a leader in the community
 -to have fun and compete
 -to go for the prizes including the coveted green jacket
Week 1
Spring cleanup: consider recycling rather than discarding to the landfill. Many discarded items can be sent to recycling depots such as "Return It" or to "Re-Store" There are special spots for all types of items such as electronics and even clothes hangers
Week 2
Devoted to cleaning up litter around your property, block and neighborhood. As well as beautifying the area it will help in the protection of animals, keep taxes down, and create an exercise programme as we bend to pick up things
Week 3
Identification of trees in the area. Hemlock,Western Fir, Arbutus, Cedar and Blue Spruce photos can be sent directly to members of the committee
Week 4 
Eating three local foods per day with 2 meatless days each week. Meat takes a great deal of land area and produces methane gas contributing to global warming
Everyone is encouraged to participate for fun and to feed their competitive urges. More info to come later.