Individual Rotarians are honoured in several ways for the work they do as service-minded volunteers. The Tsawwassen Rotary Club recognises our outstanding members by enrolling them as Paul Harris Fellows of The Rotary Foundation. Members that have donated $1,000 USD once or multiple times to the Rotary Foundation earn Paul Harris fellows as recognition of the work they do as Rotarians. Our club is fortunate to have a number of Paul Harris Fellows, some of whom were enrolled prior to the chartering of our club. Our current roll of Paul Harris Fellows is as follows:


Current Members
Leslie Abramson (3)
David Anderson (4)
John Anderson (4)

Paul Arcand (3)

Kathleen Beaton (4)

Benno Bucher (9)

John Charbonneau (5)
Brian Coe

Bob Cooke

Peter Dandyk (4)

Keith Dinwoodie (4)

Peter Edwards
Diane Forward (2)
Dave Hamilton (9)

Joan Hansen (2)

Sherrie Jamieson (2)

David Kalinovich 
Bryan Kelly (2)

Jako Krushnisky
James Latheron
Blair Ledingham (9)

Edwin Lee (5)

Rick Lewall (9)

Murray Lott (6)
John Lusted (3)

Ed Lye (9)

Graham Mallett (2)

Laureen McCleery (2)

Gail McEwan

Dan McGrath (2)

Jill Moore (2)

Marianne Osborne (2)

Graeme Peck (6)

Roger Pryke (5)

Vickie Sangster
Andre Schellekens (9)
Guenter Schreiber
Aart Schuurman Hess 
Garry Shearer (9)

David Smith (3)

Tom Smith (9)

Johann Steinmann (2)

Alex Tappert (2)

Adam Tobias (3)
Shane Todhunter
Garry van Gaalen (6)
Paul van Westendrop
Henk Veldhuis (8)

Jeroen Vermeulen
Mary Watson (8)