·         March 2008: The Interact club hopes to travel to Quito, in the Chimborazo region of Ecuador to participate in a volunteer and leadership opportunity through the organization Leaders Today. During the two-week trip Interactors will be building a school and participating in a leadership training program.

Trip highlights include:

Ø      Community development: Meet community needs through involvement in school building

Ø      Leadership training: Develop and refine the skills and tools needed for successful social action

Ø      Issues education: Hands-on exploration of issues like indigenous rights and the environment

Ø      Wilderness adventures: Experience Ecuador's unique ecosystem, one of the world's most bio-diverse

Ø      Cultural Education: Connect with local traditions through stories, food, song, and dance.

·         Fundraising for "ShelterBox" in collaboration with the Rotaract and Rotary Club

·         Help Rotary World Help Network container loading


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